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Focus on Safety: Keeping Distractions to a Minimum when Driving

Focus on Safety: Keeping Distractions to a Minimum when Driving

drivingDriving is a repetitive activity that it almost feels like it’s akin to breathing and brushing your teeth. You’ll only realise the gravity of the responsibility the moment you almost hit a tree or passing pedestrian. Whilst some factors behind this near miss are observed outside your car, what you do while driving divides your attention, which in turn increases your odds of being involved in an accident.

Drivers should focus on the road. This, however, is always easier said than done, but you can commit to this rule if you start building good habits. Here are some pointers:

Plan Your Trip

Your talking GPS device in your car can distract you. If you don’t want to depend on your GPS navigator, plan your trip carefully. Identify roads and streets where there are bottlenecks. If you get lost, don’t attempt to browse through the map while driving. Pull over and review your map. Better yet, ask the passing taxi drivers for the right direction.

Organise Your Stuff

Before you turn the ignition, secure the things inside your car. Loose items inside a moving care may distract you while driving. They may even prompt you to pick them up. Don’t put your things on the dashboard. Use some contraptions if you’re putting things in the backseat to keep them from being toppled. If things fall into the floor, pull over, rearrange them, or put them in the boot.

Be sure you have the number of service providers like, as well. This is to make sure that you got everything covered.

The Driver’s Seat is for Driving

The driver’s seat is for driving. Nevertheless, you need to avoid using your smartphone, eating, and drinking. Multitasking is not a real skill; it actually results in inefficiency and unproductiveness. In the context of driving, it can lead to mishaps.

Take driving seriously. Do away with distractions and keep your eyes on the road. Building a habit is difficult at first, but if you commit to it, you’re bound to see some improvements.

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Most Sustainable Investments in the Accommodation Industry

Most Sustainable Investments in the Accommodation Industry

Caravan ParkAustralia has always been one of the tourism boomers in the world. Its unique landscape, wildlife, and attractions make it one of the primary destinations for tourists. At the same time, it gives business people and investors a great opportunity to explore the Australian market.

Real estate companies, like Resort Brokers Australia, saw the prospect in the continually expanding economy of the country. The abundant market of tourists and travellers presents a great demand in the accommodation sector. This led to the rise in investments in the following types of lodging:

Serviced Apartments

For people who need lodging for at least five days in one place, renting a serviced apartment is a more practical choice than staying in a hotel. It allows more flexibility, from cooking your own meals to lengthening your stay.

These are just a few reasons the demand for this type of lodging is continually rising. Apart from the strong demand, short-term tenancy may give property owners higher income as well. Though cheaper than hotels, serviced apartments command a higher price than long-term residences.


From motorists needing overnight lodging to backpackers wanting more practical accommodation, motels have a wider and steadier market. Since it is another cheaper option than hotels, most travellers would prefer staying in a motel especially for shorter stays.
Another benefit of motel investments is the two ways the investors can earn. They can either both own and operate the business, called freehold, or benefit from split investment. Split motel investment refers to the lessee who operates the business, and the passive investor, who owns the property.

Caravan Parks

A mixture of campsite, cabin, drive thru and ensuite sites, a caravan park investment is a rising trend in the accommodation industry. The possibility of living near tourist destinations attracts many motorhome owners.

Just like serviced apartments, the rental may extend from short-term stay to long-term residence. Income may either come from freehold or split investment as well.

The constant comings and goings of customers make the accommodation industry a viable investment opportunity. Moreover, owning properties catering to short-term tenancy is a more sound business venture. The flexibility and practicality of the terms make it more attractive to the market, leading to bigger income.

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The Rise of Cosmetic Procedures in Today’s Aesthetic World

The Rise of Cosmetic Procedures in Today’s Aesthetic World

Cosmetic ProceduresWith cosmetic clinics rising in number all over the world, more and more people have undergone, or are thinking of having, a cosmetic surgery. In some countries in Southeast Asia, these clinics are almost everywhere—like regular grocery stores offering the most basic commodities that do not seem to run out of demand.

While there has been a slight slump in the number of surgeries done amidst a financial crisis that has trickled down to household finances, non-surgical procedures are still on the rise today.


In 2012, the numbers have reached 14.6 million in the United States alone, not counting the procedures done in other countries such as in South Korea—the country with the most numbers of cosmetic procedures done in ratio with its population each year.

Cosmetic procedures have gone ‘viral’ in South Korea in the past few years, with more and more surgeons and aesthetics professionals doing procedures on locals and foreigners who travel to the country to ‘get their face or body done’. According to research, one out of every 77 people in South Korea has undergone a particular type of cosmetic procedure back in 2011.

Meanwhile, in the whole of Asia, the said practice has widely taken its place among the lives of the rising population.

Top Countries in terms of Cosmetic Procedures

Following South Korea on the list is Greece, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, USA, and Taiwan. Even in Singapore, plastic surgery has become prevalent, even amongst teenagers.

Top Procedures

In 2008, just when the crisis hit hard in the largest nations worldwide, Botox and microdermabrasion procedures, including Botox jaw reduction, rose to fame amongst people who loved beauty and aesthetics. These non-surgical procedures cover more than eight and a half million of the almost 10 million cosmetic procedures done in the US alone.

Apart from the aforementioned procedures, lipoplasty or liposuction is still one of the most popular procedures done in different parts of the world. Breast implants, eyelid surgery (famous in South Korea), facelifts, nose jobs follow.

While before there have been a stigma on cosmetic procedures, now they are regarded as par for the course, especially in Asia. Whether this would continue to rise in the coming years as technology affords newer and better modifications remains to be seen.

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It’s Negative: Positive Effects of Negative Keywords

It’s Negative: Positive Effects of Negative Keywords

PPCNegative keywords are an important part of any successful pay per click (PPC) campaign. They stop your advertisements from appearing in unnecessary or unwanted search queries, improving the relevance of your ads. Negative search terms also filter undesirable traffic, helping you reach the most suitable prospects while lowering costs.

Search marketing experts from C1 Partners share a few more things about negative keywords in the brief discussion that follows:

A Brief Word

Negative keywords tell Google which queries are irrelevant to your business. If you don’t have a list of these keywords in your PPC accounts, you could end up paying for wasted clicks. This also means that you are letting search engines match your ads to what they think is relevant, instead of what you know is relevant.

Putting It in Perspective

Let’s say that you are in the business of selling designer handbags such as Hermes, Fendi, and Chanel, and you include these brand names as part of your keywords. If you only offer authentic or genuine bags, you want to exclude terms like “fake” or “imitation.” This is because when a searcher types, “fake Hermes” and fake is not one of your keywords, there is a possibility that you will show up in unwanted search.

Selecting Keywords

When choosing negative keywords, make sure to select terms that are similar to your keywords, but indicates that searchers are looking for a different product. Avoid using too many phrases, as your ads might reach fewer customers. Add keywords carefully, so you don’t shut down traffic or affect the buying cycle. The best advice is to pick obvious negative keywords, but never go overboard.

Make sure your ads are shown to people who are interested in your ads. Use negative keyword function to the fullest to make the most of the money you pay. This will result in greater ad visibility and better conversions for your dollar.

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How to Wake Up Like a Drunk Without Drinking and Fail a Sobriety Test

How to Wake Up Like a Drunk Without Drinking and Fail a Sobriety Test

Sobriety TestThe only guideline police have to go by when deciding to stop a driver for suspicion of driving under the influence is a vague term known as “probable cause”. It’s a judgement call on the part of the officer present to stop virtually any vehicle on the road. But anyone who’s watched any sporting event will know that judgement calls can go terribly, horribly, unbelievably wrong.

Fortunately, there are ways for drivers to prove their sobriety through standardized field sobriety tests. These tests require people to coordinate between multiple tasks, maintain balance, as well as focus, all things that get impaired after throwing back a few. People can ask DWI attorneys, or their local police force, about the kind of tests they do. This is perfect, finally, a foolproof way of catching people driving drunk – or is it?

It turns out getting drunk isn’t the only thing that can harm balance, focus, and coordination – waking up does that too. Waking up against the body’s natural sequence to be exact, everyone has a natural sleep cycle to help them recuperate from the damage from the previous day. People can sleep deeply for five hours, or lightly for a solid ten, depending on what their lifestyle allows.

Disrupting that cycle can throw the brain and the rest of the body in disarray, making people mess up even basic tasks. Unfortunately, people disrupt their cycles every morning without ever knowing it with alarm clocks. The loud noise of alarms shock people into wakefulness, regardless of whether the body is ready or not.

Nobody realizes it, but almost every driver on Houston’s highways will probably fail if subjected to a field sobriety test. It’s not a very calming thought, but it’s not a fair one either. Imagine getting points on your license when the strongest thing you had was a glass of OJ.

So, the next time your alarm is blaring through the early morning, don’t hesitate to push the snooze button, it might save you from getting arrested.

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The Stringent Criteria for Bail

The Stringent Criteria for Bail

Criteria for BailFor many people who’ve run afoul of Johnny Law the only thing standing between them and liberty is the amount judges decide to set on bail. This is often for misdemeanor charges wherein the defendant isn’t seen as an immediate threat to the rest of society. But, how do judges reach the amounts they put on a defendant’s freedom? Is there a formula in the law that puts a number on how badly people want a person hidden away?

Defendants who go to firms such as for such a formula quickly discover that there’s no actual plus or minus equation. Having a mathematical system determining how much cash defendants should fork over to walk out of the court without handcuffs is dangerous, because it ignores case-to-case consideration. There are several concerns judges take into account, however, when deciding how much trouble a defendant would be if left free to roam the streets once more.

First among all these considerations is public safety; there’s no way a person accused of murder or rape will get out on bail. This allows lawyers to break down the concerns into several different points to give clients a better idea of what goes through a judge’s mind.

The seriousness of the charge, as well as the defendant’s previous criminal history (if any) are significant factors in determining bail. A judge may set a larger bail amount for graffiti vandalism than public indecency if the former case is the tenth charge against the same defendant. This consideration is put in place to counter the illegal activities of people who come from money, and make it harder for them to dismiss the law.

The second set of considerations is the likelihood with which the defendant will show up on their court date. Bail isn’t a paid get out of jail card; there will still be a trial, the bail is just there to make sure people come back and actually have the case against them heard. Known bail jumpers and drug smugglers are more likely to get sky-high bail amounts regardless of whether or not they have a previous criminal record.

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Your Window Treatment Guide: The Wonders of Timber Shutters

Your Window Treatment Guide: The Wonders of Timber Shutters

Timber WindowHomeowners use different types of window coverings for extra weather protection—timber shutters are one of these. Made of quality hardwood, these window coverings provide a range of benefits to the delight of many homeowners in Perth.

Here are some of the features that make timber shutters a worthy addition to homes:

Elegant Touch

The clean lines of timber shutters provide a hint of elegance to any home interior. As described by, these window coverings offer great versatility. The shutters give an artistic touch that complements any theme. The natural finish of the wooden slats makes interiors appear cosier and more inviting, as well.

Energy Efficient

The wooden material of timber coverings provides homes with sufficient insulation. Timber shutters deflect the heat from the sun’s rays. Not only does this make them energy efficient, it protects the furniture and décor inside the home, as well. This, in turn, helps in maintaining the visual appeal of upholstered furnishings.

Privacy and Security

The slats of timber shutters have adjustable features that control the amount of sunlight entering the home. This adjustability provides a sense of privacy to homeowners. Timber shutters prevent anyone outside the house from looking in. This minimises external noise that cause disturbance in the home, as well. Homeowners feel secure, as they can adjust the slats at their convenience.

Different Choices

Timber shutters come in a range of colours to satisfy any homeowner’s preference—some homeowners even prefer natural finish to their wooden shutters. Different slat shapes are available, which can be either fixed or adjusted.


As timber shutters help control the heat entering the house, homeowners may minimise the use of air conditioning units. This reduces their monthly energy costs, especially during hot months. Wooden window coverings are durable and require minimal maintenance, which saves homeowners from spending on unnecessary replacements.

Installing timber shutters could be one of the best decisions that any Perth homeowner can make. This shows that there’s more to these window coverings than just an added décor.

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