4 May

3 Things Queenslanders Usually Find Wrong About Statutory Warranties

Couple Buying Car from SalesmanCouple Buying Car from SalesmanAlthough statutory warranty is undoubtedly a key addition to your car purchase, it’s a cardinal sin to expect that your statutory warranty would bail you out all the time. It has requirements and limitations that you need to know.

The beauty of buying used vehicles from licensed car dealerships in Ipswich, QLD is the entitlement to statutory warranty for free. Under the certain conditions, Boettcher Motors noted that it protects you from financial loss if you find out your vehicle is faulty.

Unless you know when it does and doesn’t apply, you’re basically setting yourself for unexpected expenses. Get these misconceptions out of the way:

It Always Comes in Any Vehicle

Contrary to popular belief, not all vehicles have a statutory warranty. First, it wouldn’t cover your vehicle if its odometer reads more than 160,000km and date of manufacture is over 10 years after the sale date. Motorcycles, caravans and commercial vehicles are some of the types of vehicle that come without a statutory warranty.

It Covers Everything

A statutory warranty covers most defects – not all. Generally, a part is considered defective if doesn’t do what’s supposed to do, or it stops working because it has worn out so much.

If the reason for your vehicle’s acting up lies outside these two definitions, motor dealers aren't accountable for the repair costs. If your used vehicle experiences issues due to your negligence or you fitted something after the sale, your warranty wouldn’t cover the damage.

It Ends When the Motor Dealership Changes Ownership

In case the dealership is sold to a new owner, the original motor dealer is still responsible for your statutory warranty. If the original seller wouldn’t honour it and take responsibility for the repairs, you can file a complaint with the Motor Trades Association of Queensland.

The benefits of having a statutory warranty are advantageous, but you ought to understand its ins and outs. Until you know where its coverage starts and ends, having it may only put you in a false sense of security.