19 May

3 Things to Remember When Seeking Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification in AlbuquerqueChild Support Modification in AlbuquerqueSometimes, your financial circumstance drastically changes for the worse and it may affect your capability to pay child support. When this happens, you can file for child support modification to lower your required payment as long as you have proof of your change in financial status. Here are some tips to help you successfully seek out child support modification in court.

Act Fast

You need to file for child support modification as soon as your financial status takes a negative turn because if not, you’ll still owe the current amount. This can’t be reduced anymore because you don’t have a case yet. That’s why Law Office of Doreene A. Kuffer recommends that you consult a child support attorneys in Albuquerque quickly for legal advice on how to file for modification.

Negotiate Properly

You can also try to reach out to the other parent and let her know the current financial struggle you’re facing. This way, you can try to reach an agreement on how much less child support you can pay, even for the meantime. This can be a difficult conversation, but the initiative should come from you. Mediation is also an option to make the agreement more formal.

Submit the Necessary Documents

Submit the documents that prove your change in financial circumstance. This can be a household income change, medical disability, job change, or other situations that stop you from paying the amount you previously agreed upon. Make sure the documents you’ll submit in court are completely accurate and clearly depicts your current financial status. This way, it won’t be questioned and you’ll have more chances of getting the modification approved.

These are only some of the things you need to do if ever you have a sudden negative change in your financial circumstances. You can promise the other parent that you’ll pay the original amount again once you get back on your feet again.