25 Feb

Bad Teeth, No Job: How Poor Oral Health affects Career Progress

Imperfections have their place, but an imperfect smile may affect your self-confidence, your overall outlook in life, and especially your career. Research shows bad teeth prevent many people from getting jobs or promotions.

Although Australia is on the cutting edge of innovations in dentistry, many Australians have poor oral health or don’t visit a dentist in Alfred Cove. This is alarming, especially when regular check-ups and good oral hygiene may readily secure good dental health.

Good Oral HealthGood Oral Health

First impressions are everything. In business, the first impression is about how people look, especially if a field that requires them to have face-to-face meetings with clients or customers. Fortunately, there are many smile makeover solutions for busy professionals:

Here are some of them:


Invisalign is solution for fast, beautiful fixes to your teeth. This is a relatively new introduction to the world of general dentistry. Invisalign is one way to straighten your teeth more comfortably without brackets or wires. It is a clear alternative to braces.

Dental implants

The most popular option today is dental implants. It’s a secure and long-lasting solution for people suffering with missing or damaged teeth. It can help you get that white smile you’ve always wanted.

Do not let gum disease or crooked teeth keep you from the dentist. Not only is a trip to the dentist a great decision for the health of your teeth, but could also be life saving.