15 Jun

Going Green: The Benefits of a Successful Green Card Application

Green Card Application in ProvoGreen Card Application in ProvoThe green card is a nifty little document that allows non-American citizens to become permanent residents of the country. This may be something that most U.S. citizens do not fully understand, but for immigrants and foreign workers, the card is something to covet.

The Card in a Nutshell

Having a green card means that you would be enjoying the same rights as regular citizens, such as health care, opportunities for jobs, and being able to stay in the country for good. It also allows the holder to go in and out of the country without having to be afraid of getting stopped by the immigration officer.

Card Benefits

There are other benefits that green card holders can enjoy. One of these is financial aid care of the government for your education. You also have to pay less tuition because of your residency status equal to that of a natural citizen. Green card holders can enjoy Social Security benefits upon retirement, and you can create your own companies and corporations if you wish to do so.


In Utah, Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. explains that a notable green card attorney will be able to help you greatly ease the application process for a green card. And even if you’re just starting to express your interest in it, a good lawyer should be able to answer your questions and concerns.

Getting a lawyer who specializes in green card and immigration can be very helpful in understanding the different benefits that you may enjoy as a green card holder. For those interested in getting their very own green card, and for those who would like to enjoy the same benefits as other natural U.S. citizens, getting an attorney can easily prove to be a good move. Just make sure you do your research so you’ll end up hiring a lawyer who’s competent and who will really be able to help you with your goals.