17 May

No Outstanding Disagreements: What You Need to Know About Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce in AlbuquerqueUncontested Divorce in AlbuquerqueMost divorces tend to be dramatic, but there are also those that go through with less drama. When you and your spouse decide to divorce and mutually agree on basic issues like property division and child support, you are eligible for uncontested divorce. Compared to it its counterpart, this requires less paperwork and does not involve major court hearings.

Mutual Agreement on Divorce Issues

Other than a mutual agreement to divorce each other, uncontested divorce requires couples to settle on spousal support, child custody and visitation, and property and asset division. Albuquerque divorce lawyers say you or your spouse will have to initiate the paperwork, and the other party will have to sign it. Then, a judge will grant the dissolution of marriage using a streamlined court procedure.

As there are a mutual understanding and an agreement, it will involve less time. The whole process may be completed in as little as one month rather than several months. This, furthermore, will not require a court hearing, resulting in lower overall expenses. Uncontested divorce also means less information made accessible to public because of less paperwork.

Not Suitable for All Situations

While uncontested divorce is ideal for many couples, it is not suitable for all situations. You will need to check you state’s divorce laws to see if they allow it. This is also not appropriate for complicated divorce situations. Court hearings are necessary for those cases that involved complex property disputes, criminal matters, and others.

Not every uncontested divorce is also the same and some will run more smoothly than others. It will be a lot simpler when it involves no children and fewer assets. When you and your spouse are both self-supporting and capable becoming self-dependent, this divorce will go through easily. Hiring a divorce attorney is advisable to review all paperwork and make sure that your legal rights are protected.

If uncontested divorce is not possible or if one spouse does not agree to sign the paper, it will be a contested divorce. In this setup, the process may take longer, involve court proceedings, and cost more expensive. Whatever type of divorce you are about to pursue, hiring a divorce attorney is always advisable.