22 Jun

On Toilet Care: 3 Huge Hazards

Toilet Repair in UtahToilet Repair in UtahToilets are one of the most important, yet commonly, disregarded fixtures in Utah homes. From clogged pipes to overflows, most issues stem from negligence. You may not realize that the wrong things that you’re doing until the toilet acts up.

A malfunctioning toilet can ruin your day. It can affect your hygiene, regular bowel movement, and may even cause water damage at home. Even if you can easily call a plumber in West Valley City, Provo, or Sandy, prevention is still better than cure.

The Inappropriate Liquids

The only things you can pour into your toilet bowl are water and cleaning products. All other liquids can cause detrimental effects to the fixture. Your septic system has a bacterial makeup to decompose body waste in an environment-friendly manner. Liquids like chlorine bleach can destroy this bacterial composition, thus leading to septic problems.

The Unsuitable Objects

Toilets are designed to break down natural waste products, and nothing else. Throwing non-biodegradable materials, including cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, shaved hair, and condoms, can clog your pipeline and break your toilet. Clogged pipes can lead to tank overflows and serious toilet issues.

The Natural Threats

Toilets can also malfunction on their own. Even if you’re doing all the right things to keep them functional, different factors can affect your plumbing system. Underground pipes can wear out over time, tree roots can compromise pipes, or even abrupt movements of your property’s foundation can ruin your system’s proper installation, according to iRepair Plumbing Heating and Air. Being aware of these potential threats can help you understand what could be wrong with your toilet.

Your toilets need constant care and proper attention. The condition of your plumbing system defines your home lifestyle. Make smart decisions and use it properly to keep it functional.