9 May

There are Supers and Avengers in Online Marketing

Online MarketingOnline MarketingThe release of Captain America: Civil War created a frenzy among fans, especially those who are constantly online. With Marvel’s successful digital marketing strategies, almost everyone picked a side and used the #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan hashtags.

Every Marvel movie serves as an inspiration to businesses who wish to boost their brands online. But did you know that their group of superheroes actually bear a few similarities with certain aspects of digital marketing?

Captain America: New, Not-So-New

In the films, Captain America’s character stayed frozen in the Arctic for 70 years. After serving his duties in World War II, Captain America wakes up in the present and its radical culture of new technology. His military knowledge and technique didn’t fit in his new society. Despite his confusion, the great captain didn’t change his mission: protect the liberty of his people.

In terms of marketing, digital is the newest way to do things, says the team from More.SanduskyRegister.com. Traditional methods are still there, but more companies pour their efforts on digital media. As a result, traditional marketers attempt to adjust.

Understandably, analytics and AdWords are a lot to process. Catching up can be tricky, but like Captain America, this shouldn’t discourage you from serving users better.

Iron Man: The Age of Technology

Digital marketing is ALL about technology and innovation, just like Tony Stark. As he pushes technology’s boundaries, Iron Man became stronger and a better hero to save the day.

Digital marketers harness the power of technology to gain an advantage. Because technology changes every day, marketers and businesses research new opportunities to reach consumers and improve engagement. Because of this need, the field requires tech-savvy individuals dedicated to developing convenient platforms — just like Tony.

The Hulk: Control is Important

The Green Avenger is less than friendly, especially when he’s angry. Bruce Banner must be in constant control of his emotions. A little slip of adrenaline will result in a rampage he is likely to regret in the future.

Like the Hulk, digital marketing requires vigilance on all campaigns. A single incorrect setting or poor keyword choice might lead to unspeakable damages. Marketers and brands should monitor their campaigns very carefully to ensure seamless projects.

Just like the Avengers, it’s your mission to improve and assist. Can you think of other parallels between digital marketing and your favorite heroes?