12 Jan

What to Do After a Flood to Avoid Accidents

Flood in OgdenFlood in OgdenMost weather-related accidents in the U.S. are caused by flood. Drowning is the most common culprit. This is why evacuations must be strictly enforced. But some accidents still happen after a flood, and many of these are caused by carelessness.

It pays to know what to do after a flood, to reduce the risks of accidents or sickness. Here are a few tips.

  1. Never walk barefoot during or after a flood. The water not only increases the risk of slip and fall accidents, but also exposes you to injuries caused by debris you might step on.
  2. Remember that the water is not harmless. Microorganisms live and thrive in floodwaters, exposing you to a high risk of waterborne diseases. Avoid walking in or touching floodwater as much as possible; wear protective boots and gloves during cleaning. Always carry a flashlight.
  3. Do not enter your house immediately after a flood. Authorities will instruct you if it is safe to return home, but walk around the house first to see signs of structural failure or exposed wires.
  4. Do not enter your house until an electrician has ruled out risks of electrocution. Especially if you failed to turn off the electricity in your house before the flood, exposed wires, wet sockets, and damaged appliances may put you in danger.
  5. Take pictures of the damage, including the appliances and your vehicle. These are useful when you call your insurance to make a claim. Receipts should always be in waterproof containers.
  6. Hire a professional company to address the water damage; Ogden service providers have the means to remove even the water that has seeped into floorboards and walls.
  7. Put damaged items in plastic trash bags, and wait for instructions for authorities on how to dispose of them. You may also keep them for a while until you’ve talked to your insurance representative.

Flooding is one of the most dangerous and destructive forces of nature. You have to know what to do before, during, and after a flood to avoid accidents.