10 Jan

What to Do with a New Home Extension

Home ExtensionHome ExtensionSo you’re thinking of building an extra room above the garage, or perhaps as an extension of your house in the wide yard. You’re getting on in years and you have some extra money lying around for a home improvement.

The good news is, if you do this home improvement right; it will add value to your property. You can always get the help of a professional for the job, according to Prestigerealty.co.nz.

Granny flat

Maybe you’d like your grown up child to have the house and raise a family in it. You can use the home extension as a granny flat, a compact home for yourself and your spouse so you have everything you need in it, it’s easy to clean and you don’t have to change addresses.

Home office

Start your own business. Use the extension as a home office. More and more people are finding this setup more convenient and comfortable. All you need is a door to keep all the familial noises and distractions out during your office hours. You can work without having to dress up for the office, except maybe when you have clients over.

Rent it out

The worst that can happen is, you’ll have more space than you really need. If this happens, you can always put it up for property rental. As in the case of a granny flat, you can rent out the house instead while you live in the extension. So it’s always a win for you.


You’ve always wanted a special room for all those books you’ve accumulated through the years. This is it, your own private library. It even gives your house that charm that typically comes with the presence of a reading room.

Working on a home extension is a great idea, as this gives you additional room that you’re free to use in whatever way you want, and it raises the value of your property.